The new Klingon song "Degh" (the helm)

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Cover of the new Klingon CD Degh

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Many thanks to Gerhard Kozuschek, Captain of the USS Genoko for the audio samples.

Until Imperial date 9609.10 (September 9th,1996), the following text was to be found on this page:

Once upon a time...

...I visited somebody I know in Munich, and was just about to leave when he suddenly said: "Hey! Some guy from Berlin left this CD here for you... I can't remember who it was.."
This present from a stranger turned out to be a gold nugget - recorded on it are three different versions of a song entirely in real Klingon!

Fierce voices, ardent lyrics about battle, courage and honor, plenty of rhythm - everything a Klingon needs (hehe).
All in all 20 minutes of really amusing music. But nobody knew where the CD was from, music suppliers had never heard of it, and there is no address or identifying number on the damn thing...

HELP! Where can we get more of the CDs?

If anybody can help us in our quest, please write us!

Our gratitude will follow you around for a looong time.

Well, that was our search...

FLASH! The latest news from taj'IH !


By Kahless, I've been looking for this CD for the past six months, and the search request above was in our homepage for quite a while, too.

This is what happened:

taj'IH , SI'neyq, our former beloved Big Chief Qor Haqtaj , Kor, B'elanna Torres, Ba'el and numerous other Klingons attended the 30th Anniversary Convention from September 6th to 8th in Berlin.
To put it simply, none of us thought we would ever find the music.
When I walked past the displayed wares of a Star Trek dealer we know, I suddenly saw an entire box of Degh CDs! "Where did you get those ?" was my first question. "From the gentleman right here..." - who turned out to be one of the four artists and musicians who had produced the CD. Until then, they had unsucessfully tried to introduce the CD to the Trek scene, and were about to give up the project entirely! And we had been looking for them all the while, with dozens of people asking for copies...

"Don't you dare go away!" the young lady cried and ran to fetch the other Klingons who surrounded him to shake his hand or, as our club president did, to drop on their knees and kowtow in classic Wayne's World fashion - "We are unworthy!" ;-)

Dave K'sy (the musician) was so surprised and overwhelmed he suffered a minor circulatory collapse (meaning he keeled over for joy) and had to go home. However, the very next day he was back at the con with Rodge Huside, another Degh musician, and plenty of CDs. Their next surprise came when they suddenly had to sign lots of covers...
To make a long story short, Degh now can be ordered by email from our local Ferengi :-) Jose Calbacho, for the price of 13$ (including postage, excluding costs for money transfer). At the moment he can only accept international money orders - maybe he will find a better mode for overseas payment. The Klingon Language Institute had a couple of copies but it is unknown what happened to them.
By the way, the Degh musicians are thinking of producing a Klingon LP, and maybe some Vulcan music....We can hardly wait.
In the meantime Degh II is in production and had its own homepage, but it got stuck currently.

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