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The nentay is the Klingon ritual of ascension.
A young Klingon usually performs this ritual when s(he) becomes an adult.
It can be repeated, e.g. on his/her birthday or to strengthen his/her will power.
During this ritual the following phrases are spoken:

English tlhIngan Hol Audio
Today I am a warrior. DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jIH MP3 file
I must show you my heart. tIqwIj Sa'angnIS MP3 file
I travel the river of blood. 'Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH MP3 file
This battle is my battle. may'wIj 'oH may'vam'e' MP3 file
I demand the blood of my enemy. jagh 'Iw vIpoQ MP3 file
The body of the dead enemy lies at my feet. qamDu'wIjDaq Heghpu'bogh jagh tu'lu' MP3 file

Spoken by veSbe'.

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