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Generally speaking: We are a fan club - by fans for fans. And we no longer can afford to send dozens of response letters at our own cost. So please include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with your letters (or at least a stamp). Without a return envelope we cannot guarantee a response.
qatlho' ! (Thank you).
Yes, Klingons occasionally say that, too.

First Contact Officer - New Members
First-Contact @ khemorex-klinzhai.de
For all questions regarding membership, contacts etc. please refer to our "First Contact Officer". The first info package is rather large - please attach a stamped (1.45 Euro) DIN-A5 envelope.
1st Lieutenant E'ttiva tai K'Vada
c/o Diana Riepegerste
Cottenburgstr. 72
44575 Castrop-Rauxel Germany

Chief Ambassador - Clubs and Allies Contacts
yabHuj @ khemorex-klinzhai.de
Our chief ambassador is in charge of all information concerning contacts to other clubs, groups or squads:
Commander QIb Vestai yabHuj
c/o Volker Tanger
Am Rosenhag 24a
12623 Berlin

Special Operations Coordinator
vaQwI' Tai DarkH DeQel puqloD coordinates all missions and tactical operations within the club. So, if somebody knows (or wants to know), when something is going to happen somewhere, or wants to invite us to / hire us for an event, contact him by email:
Sebastian Frank
EMail EMail

Fleet Command
Fleet Command @ khemorex-klinzhai.de
If any questions should arise that can not be answered by our specialists mentioned above, (only then) send us a sub space message or a letter by conventional mail or mail service to our Big Chiefs:
Fleet Commander B'Elora Vestai DarkH
c/o Nicole Eisenblätter
Buntwolfstr. 34
52388 Noervenich
Fleet Lieutenant thalon Tai Khar
c/o Christian Bayerlein
Löhrstr. 107
56068 Koblenz
Flt.Commodore Andrew W. majQa' Balling
c/o Andreas Balling

Please do not send any advert junk!
We will shoot back!

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