Michael Ansara

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ST Role(s)
And Now Miguel (66); The Barbary Coast; The Bears and I (74); Broken Arrow (56-60); Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (*79-80); Centennial (78-80); CHiPs {The Poachers}; Daring Game (68); The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins (84); The Guns and the Fury (83); Hill Number One (51); I Dream of Jeannie; The KGB: The Secret War (86); Law of the Plainsman (59-62); Powderkeg (70); Star Trek {Day of the Dove}; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Blood Oath}.
Access Code (84); Action in Arabia (44); Assassination (87); Bayou Romance (82); Border Shootout (89); Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (79); The Comancheros (61); Day of the Animals (77); Dear Dead Delilah (72); Diane (56); The Doll Squad [aka Hustler Squad] (73); Guns of the Magnificent Seven (69); Harum Scarum (65); It's Alive! (74); Jupiter's Darling (55); Knights of the City (87); The Manitou (78); The Message [aka Mohammad, Messenger of God] (77); Mission to Glory (79); Quick, Let's Get Married (71); Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (61).

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