Dwight Schultz

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Star Trek Rollen
Lieutenant Reginald 'Reg'/'Broccoli' Barclay
"Sherlock Holmes: The Case of Alice Faulkner".
The A-Team (83-87); Alfred Hitchcock Presents "The World's Oldest Motive"; Babylon 5 (94-); Bitter Harvest (81); Child of Rage (92); CHiPs "The Hawk and the Hunter"; Dial M for Murder; Hill Street Blues "Life, Death, Eternity; I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin"; Jake and the Fatman "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"; A Killer Among Us; Last Wish (91); Nurse "Going Home"; Past Imperfect [Ungesendeter Pilotfilm]; Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder; Perry Mason: The Cast of the Sinister Spirit; Star Trek: The Next Generation "Hollow Pursuits; The Nth Degree; Realm of Fear; Ship in a Bottle"; Thin Ice; When Your Lover Leaves; Woman with a Past (92); Deadly Games (95), Nowhere Man (96); Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart (96, TV-Film)
Alone in the Dark (82); The Fan (81); Fat Man and Little Boy (89); The Long Walk Home (90); The Temp (93).
Co-Moderator der Cable Radio Network-Sendung "UFO's Tonight".

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