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Degh -
Klingon noise ritual

The brave man is mighty, the coward will lose all
Only the brave man can decide about war and peace
The brave man has honor, the coward will not look you in the eye
Only the brave man may decide about your blood.

We will own up not once, not twice
but thrice to our words and deeds!

The brave man has pride, the coward will submit.
Only the brave man can be our equal

The brave man will be rich, the coward owns nothing.
Only the brave man can share his riches with others.

We will own up ...

The brave man can give orders, the coward can only obey.
Only the brave man can show mercy.

The brave man will die, the coward will also die.
The brave man only tastes death once, but the coward dies many times.

We will own up ...

The brave man can decide, the coward remains silent.
Only the brave man will change anything at will.

The brave man is in front, the coward is not seen.
Only the brave man is responsible for his deeds.

We will own up ...

The brave man has a choice, the coward has none.
The coward will always be of your opinion.
So be brave and you will own the world!

"Degh" - ghitlhqu' tlhIngan Hol

Deutsche Version des klingonischen Liedes "Degh"

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