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Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting, April 1998 in Munich

Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting, November 1998 in Regensburg

Marriage of Alex und Dieter (Gi'ral und Krog-Bael)

Badlands-Squadron meeting August 1999 in Vienna

Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting August 1999 at solar eclipse

Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting Dez. 1999 in Regensburg

Workshop meeting 00/1 in Hattenhofen

Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting, Juni 2000 in Straubing

Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting August 2000 in Moosham near Regensburg (1. wuQ game)

Ship meeting IKV nuHmey jang April 2001 in Nürnberg

qep'a' chorghDIch August 2001 in Brussels

QetlopHom in Frankleben August 2001

qepHom in Saarbrücken November 2002

Premiere: Startrek 10 - Nemesis

Faces-of-Fire-Squadron meeting June 2003 in Hammelburg

Qom nawlogh meeting July 2003 in Blankenheim

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