John Colicos

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Born on 10.12.1928 in Toronto, Canada
Deceased on 6.3.2000 in Toronto, Canada
ST Role(s):
Kor (in the Original series and Deep Space 9)
Battlestar Galactica (*78-79); In Defense of a Married Man (90); The Magician {The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit, Part I; The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit, Part II}; Star Trek {Errand of Mercy}; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine {Blood Oath}; War of the Worlds.
Battlestar Galactica (78); Drum (76); King Solomon's Treasure (76); Nowhere to Hide (87); Phobia (80); The Postman Always Rings Twice (81); Raid on Rommel (71); Shadow Dancing (89).
See IMDB for more details.

There is also an Official John Colicos Fan Club.

In memoriam: May he found a good place in Stovokor

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