John G. Hertzler

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  • StarTrek characters: General Martok, Vulcan Captain (DS9 "Emissary"), the changeling "Laas" (DS9 "Chimera"), a Hirogen (Voyager "Tsunkatse")
  • Guest appearances characters on TV: Treasure Island, Zorro, General Hospital, Highlander, Quantum Leap, Superman
  • Movies: The Prophecy II, And Justice for All
  • more entries on the Internet Movie Database

John G. Hertzler was born in Port Royal (Pennsylvania). As his father was working for the US Air Force, he often moved during his childhood. The family lived in Texas, Casablanca, Omaha, and Maryland. John was playing football for several years. After high school he played for Bucknell university as left defensive and outside linebacker, before he became an actor. After a doing a theater course he played in more then 50 Shakespeare shows and several others. On TV he had several guest appearances in shows like "Seinfeld", "Dr. Quinn", "Lois & Clark", "Quantum Leap", "Highlander", "Diagnosis Murder" und "General Hospital". In the show "New Zorro" he played Zorro's evil counterpart Alcalde Ignacio DeSoto in more than 40 episodes. Though he did not many movies, he played together with Al Pacino in 1975 "And Justice for All" and in 1997 "The Prophecy II" with Christopher Walken. Before he became Klingon General Martok on "Deep Space Nine" he already had a guest appearance on DS9 as a Vulcan Captain of the USS Saratoga in DS9 pilot "Emissary". Since then he played General Martok in more than 15 episodes of DS9. Besides of his job as an actor John is also working as a writer and he used to write in any spare minute he got - even during the breaks while producing DS9. He also works as director. John loved to play the role of the Klingon general even though he hard time getting the makeup done for several hours each time. John is supporting the "Scleroderma Research Foundation" , doing research about the rare but dangerous decease Scleroderma.

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